Ok, be honest. When was the last time you took a 24 hour break from your electronic devices? If you can't remember (or never have!) it's time to think about doing a digital detox!

We women tend to be busy, oh so busy, and you know who usually falls off the schedule? We do!

Well, I think we deserve a little me-time, and the best place to start is by unplugging and  reconnecting with the people and activities that we love.

Study after study has shown that to be at our best, we need to take a break from what we're doing from time to time and just step back. But giving our brains, bodies and souls a chance to recharge - and giving ourselves permission to relax - isn't easy sometimes…especially when we’re tethered to our devices!

So - are you ready to digital detox?

Remember that it may be a process, but your withdrawal symptoms will only be temporary. And the benefits of reconnecting, whether that’s with people, hobbies or activities, will far outweigh the initial discomfort and fear of missing out on something you may feel. Take a deep breath, revel in your surroundings, literally smell the roses and observe life as it is, not as it is on Instagram.  

My favorite things to do? Crafting (of course!). Gardening. Kayaking. Walking the dogs. Actually, anything that makes you get moving, especially in the morning, helps you to become engaged, energized, focused and productive as you go through the day. This isn’t just anecdotal – it’s backed up by researchers at Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute, among others. 

Watch something relaxing and entertaining which doesn’t require a lot of intense thought (I’m partial to Shark Tank, Million Dollar Listing, the Hallmark Channel, British comedies and any sort of PBS bodice ripper). Get lost in a great book. Tackle a jigsaw puzzle.

Learn to do something new: Ballroom dancing, speaking Italian, painting in watercolors – whatever is of interest, focus on that new skill. In fact, do anything that’s fun, not time-sensitive or regimented or rushed – vacation behavior. (And don’t skip that vacation either, even if it’s a staycation.)

One other thing I do when I need to unplug and don’t think I have enough hours in the day: I take a deep breath and remember to be grateful for God’s gift of life, that what I do has positive outcomes for others, that I’m happy and healthy and mostly, that I have family and friends that I love and love me.

Ready to cut the tether to your electronic devices? Your mind, body and spirit will thank you and you’ll be setting a fabulous example for your family and friends. And who knows – maybe you’ll spark a trend!

Photo credit: Talbots