If you’re like us, you love a great party…and a lively conversation! It’s My Party! was founded to bring people joy, getting them off their phones and into the moment with products that get people talking. We love the spark of fun, merriment and laughter that happens when a celebration is shared with those that mean the most to us – after all, entertainment really is the gift of wonderful memories.

My childhood was spent in England and I've never known a celebration without a cracker to pull, a paper crown on my head (it’s ok - if you’re all wearing them you all look silly!) and a soppy joke to share. We’ve added a conversation starter to make our crackers true Conversation Pieces™!

On a personal note, I live on and am continually inspired by the beautiful coast of Maine with my exceptionally indulgent husband and two admittedly spoiled dogs. The state's marketing people have it right when they say this is life the way it should be.

Coming to Maine? Drop us a line at hello@itsmypartystudio.com – we're happy to recommend a restaurant, activity, place to see the sunrise or where to get the best lobster roll!

Thanks for stopping by - we’re looking forward to working with you to make your special event a memorable one!