Rev up the fun factor and get the party going with our custom Conversation Pieces™ celebration crackers!

We know you want to celebrate with something beyond tired cliches and you want to make your guest of honor feel special. Whether you're throwing a bridal shower or a baby shower, you want something unique and exciting that your guests will still be talking about the next day.

Our celebration crackers will get your guests mixing and mingling and also give you an unforgettable, eye-catching way to present your favors. 

From printing our own premium paper to hand tying each gorgeous bow, our luxuriously sized 12" crackers are completely handmade in our Maine workshop to ensure they meet our uncompromising standards.

Let us help you make your shower one to remember!

Please contact us for a bespoke option: Choose your paper, ribbon and/or embellishments and favors (let us help you find that something special for your celebration!). This is where you'll find a fresh take on classic design - hundreds of patterns and additional sizes available.

Please note: We can only ship most chocolate and other candy from late September - late April or to geographical locations with local weather of 70F (21C). If you'd like to ship around those parameters, please contact us for further information.