Let's get your clients talking about you - our custom Conversation Pieces™ crackers are a great option for corporate events and gift giving. We'll create something for your guests that's both unforgettable and eye-catching! 

How many of us have been to an event where we were seated at a table full of strangers trying to make small talk during its entirety? Do you remember the event or who put it on?

Placing our Conversation Pieces™ crackers on the table will get the conversation going, and we'll keep it moving with customizable conversation starters, fun facts or questions put inside the crackers -  a great way to banish those awkward silences and get people chatting. 

Your guests will remember both your company and the event!

Planning a fundraising event? What we've found is that people tend to donate more when they're having fun, so bring on the crackers!

From printing our own premium paper to hand tying each bow, our luxuriously sized 12" crackers are completely handmade in our Maine workshop to ensure they meet our uncompromising standards.

Please contact us for bespoke options: Choose your paper, ribbon and/or embellishments and favors (let us help you find that something special for your celebration!). This is where you'll find a fresh take on classic design - hundreds of patterns and additional sizes available. We also offer custom sizes for an additional set-up cost.